Construction Safety Program Development

“Sure we’ve got a safety program—It’s three inches thick!” Is your Safety Program really an everyday part of doing business or just a 3-ring binder gathering dust on a shelf? Building a workable program involves:

  • Input from every level of your organization
  • Providing easily understood work procedures on a day-to-day basis
  • Conducting periodic, honest evaluation.

Build a program your customers want and your people can live by. Learn more…

Project Safety Planning (for Construction Users)

Pre-Construction planning rewards users with fewer injuries and lower project costs. It saves business reputations, too. Do you need to come to grips with terms like:

  • “Site-specific safety plan”
  • “Pre-job safety survey”
  • “Job hazard analysis”
  • “Project safety specifications”?

Responsible owners, design professionals and contractors plan for safety before construction work is allowed to proceed. Learn more…

Contractor Selection and Contract Safety Specifications

"Licensed, Bonded and Insured" doesn't cut it anymore! Gone are the days when contractors got work because their ads had those 3 Little Words. Astute users of construction, market-savvy Design and Engineering firms, contractors and construction managers…all know the high stakes in safety.
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3rd Party Audits

Construction users who institute and enforce sound project safety objectives want to know whether they're "getting their money's worth" once the work proceeds. With 35 years of construction safety experience, Phil Colleran has had the privilege of evaluating some of our Nation's largest construction projects. Learn more…

Safety and Health Training

Comprehensive hazard recognition training program, or dynamic guest speaker to emphasize a particular area of safety, nationally-recognized presenter Phil Colleran is your group's answer.
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OSHA Compliance Assistance

Phil Colleran knows OSHA. He spent 17 years in Compliance and stays up-to-the-minute on regulations and hazard abatement technologies. Learn more…

Litigation Consultation

Mr. Colleran has assisted hundreds of attorneys and their clients, consistently articulating the recognized customs, practices and standards of care observed by the construction industry.
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